The club currently has five layouts, with three of them in public spaces where they can easily be seen by residents and guests.

 Our smallest N scale layout is in a push button operated display case in the breezeway of the East complex.

 The next largest “HO” scale layout features four main lines, a train yard, and several residential areas on one level. Location: Bethany Village West, storage room by apartment 3144

The “O” scale layout features four mainline tracks on two levels. Location: Bethany Village West, storage room by apartment 2144

The seasonal “O” scale Christmas train is another push button operated layout in a display case.  It makes its appearance in the West main lobby by the clock tower from Thanksgiving to New Year’s each Christmas season.

The largest “G” scale layout is the outdoors garden train in Martha’s Garden outside the Oaks skilled nursing facility.  The club runs it twice a week from 1:30 until 2:30 on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the enjoyment of the Oaks residents and anyone else who wants to come and watch.  Special runs are scheduled to support Bethany Village events.